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$97 New Patient Special Offer
$97 New Patient Special Offer*
*Auto accident victims pay $0
New Patient Center
Our aim is to offer you the finest chiropractic care in Billings, Montana. We have taken all the best most widely proven and accepted therapies and put them together in a way that gets amazing results!

Whatever your initial presentation may be our first goal is to get you feeling better, and out of pain or discomfort as fast as possible.
Dr. Mitchell has been helping people get rid of their pain with gentle computerized treatments for 16 years. “We use physics and technology, instead of brute force” ~ Dr. Mitchell
$97 New Patient Special Offer*
We are currently running a special offer exclusively for new patients only. This amazing offer includes a consultation with a trained doctor to assess your condition as well as 3 chiropractic treatments to get you back on the road to wellness.

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Our $97 New patient special includes:
  • Private consultation with a doctor
  • Examination of your primary complaint to find the cause of your pain
  • Orthopedic/Joint tests to see which joints are swollen, painful and are causing your pain
  • Muscle tests to see which muscles are in spasm and causing your pain and restricting your mobility
  • Range of motion tests to see how much mobility you have lost
  • Two X-Rays if necessary so the doctor can see on the inside what he cannot see on the outside.
  • ​Four Deep tissue laser treatments to help quickly get you out of pain
  • ​Three Chiropractic Treatments (adjustments) to quickly get you out of pain and moving again.
*Auto accident victims can claim ALL this for $0
At Billings Chiropractic Injury Clinic our team has so much combined experience in the field of auto injury treatment that we believe we're on a mission to help auto accident victims get their life back on track. If you've recently been involved in an auto accident you can still take advantage of our New Patient Special Offer - but for $0. Yes, it's FREE!
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Chiropractic Treatment of...
We treat a whole range on injuries caused by auto accidents.
We provide 3 safe and effective sets of therapies to relieve your arthritis pain.

Back Pain
We offer chiropractic physical medicine to gently align the spine to relieve spinal joint pressure. More...

Disc Bulge
Our spinal disc bulge therapies will help you stand, bend, twist or turn pain free once again.

Carpal Tunnel
We offer proven CTS treatments that can relieve pain and tingling in your fingers, hand or arm.
Work and sleep PAIN FREE without the use and side effects of medication.

Muscle Pain
On your first visit our doctors will find the cause of your muscle pain and apply the appropriate therapies.
Neck Pain
We can relieve neck pain, reduce muscle spasms and increase your neck range of motion.

Pinched Nerve
Our chiropractic treatment aligns the restricted spinal vertebra relieving your pinched nerve pain.
Our sciatica therapies will help you work, sleep and get dressed free of sciatica leg pain. More...

Spinal curvature correction without the need for surgery.

Whiplash Injury
Our chiropractic treatment can benefit victims of auto accidents.

Even if you were not hurt in an auto accident we can still help.
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Auto Injury Center
At Billings Chiropractic Injury Clinic we specialize in the treatment of pain caused by car crashes and automobile accidents.
Arrange a Callback with our Team
Would you like a call with our expert team, to talk about how we can help you, and to answer any questions you have. Arrange a callback today before booking your appointment.
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