Lower Pack Pain Relief
Lower back pain can drastically affect your quality of life.
Our doctors offer 3 categories of safe and effective therapies to relieve your lower back pain. These are therapies that will help you work, sleep and get dressed without lower back pain or restrictions.

Low back Pain commonly results from trauma such as a a car injury, sports injury or repetitive lifting. The trauma most often results in jamming of the spinal joints, pinched spinal nerves or even a disc bulge. The most common symptoms being:
back pain
If you have a pinched nerve you may also experience burning or tingling down your legs.
On your first visit to Billings Chiropractic Injury Clinic you can expect our doctors will find the cause of your low back pain. They will then apply the appropriate therapies to relieve your low back pain as fast as possible.
The 1st category of low back pain therapies are applied to relieve your lower back pain and inflammation. We offer Chiropractic Physical Medicine to gently align the spine, relieving spinal joint pressure, pinched nerves and disc bulges. Our treatment commonly gives immediate pain relief on the very first treatment.

Next is our Deep Tissue Laser Therapy which blocks your low back pain by activating nerve receptors in the brain. these are the same nerve receptors that are targeted by strong pain-relieving drugs but without the harmful side effects.

Another therapy we offer relieves your lower back pain by reducing your inflammation. By doing so, we can reduce inflammatory proteins called cytokines which cause pain.

Yet another therapy we offer relieves your low back pain issues by stimulating your nerve cell's oxygen metabolism. This accelerates healing and boosts your endorphins which are the feel good chemicals your body naturally produces.
Our 2nd category of low back pain therapies are applied to reduce painful muscle spasms.

Our Manual Muscle Therapy relieves the muscle pain in your lower back by working through your nervous system. This stimulates the nerve receptors in your low back muscles and acts as a spinal block to relieve pain.

We also offer a nerve reflex therapy called Reciprocal Inhibition to relieve your low back muscle ache and spasms. Reciprocal Inhibition Therapy works by blocking the nerve signal that is stimulating your low back muscle spasms.

Another therapy we offer is Trigger Point Therapy. Trigger points are highly sensitive and tender knots within the belly of muscles. We gently stretch and compress the trigger points which relieves the highly sensitive nodules.
The 3rd category of therapies we offer is applied to increase your low back strength and mobility. We offer Chiropractic Physical Medicine to gently increase your low back joint mobility, which will increase your ability to move pain free.

After the pain is reduced we use Active therapies to increase the strength in your lower back. Strengthening the lower back will decrease the likelihood of you suffering permanent and recurring low back pain
All of our low back therapies are safe and have been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
Each therapy is applied based on the results of your history, symptoms and physical examination findings. When physical injuries do not receive physical medicine they often heal wrong. This is the leading cause of spinal arthritis. Chiropractic Physical Medicine can relieve your pain and decrease the likelihood of you suffering a permanent injury and recurring low back pain.

Even the American Medical Association released new guidelines that encourages chiropractic care before surgery.
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