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Auto Injury Center

Have you been involved in a car or automobile accident?
At Billings Chiropratic Injury Clinic we specialize in the treatment of car crash victims and can help you get your life back on track.
Can you relate to any of these statements?
  • You went to the Emergency Room...
  • ​They told you that you weren't hurt too badly...
  • ​They prescribed pain relievers, anti-inflammatories, and muscle relaxants (or some combination of those)...
  • You were told to go to your medical provider if symptoms persist...
  • ​You are afraid no one understands whats really wrong with you...
  • You're worried about the side effects of all the different prescriptions they've given you...
If the answer is yes, YOU are a car accident victim.

The most common symptoms people have reported after being in a car crash (in order from the most common to the least):

  • ​Headaches
  • ​Neck pain
  • ​Upper back pain
  • ​Lower back pain
  • ​Muscle Spasms
  • Joint pain
  • ​Shoulder pain
  • ​Arm and hand pain
  • ​Leg and knee pain
  • ​Jaw pain
  • ​Wrist pain
  • ​Numbness
  • ​Anxiety
  • ​Hopelessness

Which Symptoms are you experiencing?

Does it feel like no one is listening to you?

"I went to the Emergency room, I spent 4 hours only to be told there was nothing wrong with me and I was sent home"
(Auto Injury Victim)
"The police officer said he didn't think I was hurt very badly because the crash was at too low of a speed."
(Auto Injury Victim)
"No-one believes me, I was rear-ended in the Walmart parking lot, and I've been hurting ever since. They say I'm making it all up."
(Auto Injury Victim)
"I've received thousands of dollars in treatment and testing, I can't continue, because there is no way I'll be able to afford all this if my attorney doesn't win my case!"
(Auto Injury Victim)
"I've told my doctor that I have been having short term memory problems, I can't find the words I want while I'm speaking, and my head feels like its going to explode! He said it will probably go away, and prescribed me some pain relievers for my pain. I just don't think he cares!"
(Auto Injury Victim)
"I'm in so much pain, I can't sleep, I can't work, I can't take care of my children, and the drugs they gave me turn me into a zombie!"
(Auto Injury Victim)

I'm here to tell you:

Meet Dr. Mitchell

My name is Dr. Jeff Mitchell, and I'm the author of a new book entitled "It's a Crash not an Accident," Speaker, Coach, Researcher, and treating physician for victims of car crashes. I don't think there is anyone on this planet as passionate about the treatment of car accident victims as I am.
Having been in practice since 2001; I've seen just about everything. I have the experience, training, and education, to help anyone who walks in my door. The majority of my clients have been in a recent car crash, and are seeking help.
I've treated hundreds -- if not thousands -- of patients just like you...
Pain Does NOT have to define you.
Our $97 New Patient Special Offer is EXCLUSIVELY available to auto accident victims for $0.

My Methods...

Most Chiropractors adjust the spine with some variation of techniques from old-school manual cracking to highly suspicious waving their arms over the patient without touching them. I use a combination of old school, and cutting edge.

I'm... a little different.

I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get you the result you are looking for.

Research has shown that 95% of those unwilling to go to a chiropractor cite FEAR being their number one concern. Fear of being injured, maimed, or damaged. I treat patients with an instrument with delivers a computer-assisted gentle thrust, there is no possibility of hurting the patient. There is no possibility of me injuring a patient.

We understand how sometimes the stress of PAYING for your treatment is worse than the pain from the accident.
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